Company History:

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Pirooz Vegetable Adhesive Co., (PVAC) was established 11 years ago with the aim of producing drilling mud additives mainly for expanding market of Iranian oil Industry. PVAC head office is in the business area of Tehran and well equipped for quick response to industry production facilities of PVAC which is located in Kaveh Industrial Zone (Saveh City) 150 km away from Capital and consists of below units:

1- wheat Starch plant producing 8000 mt/yr of wheat starch from wheat flour.

2- Potato Starch unit which reclaims potato starch from nearby snack factories.

3- Drilling starch facilities which by employing a number of cooker extruders and proper formulation produces different graded of drilling starch as requested.

4- Emulsion unit which produces all kind of primary and secondary emulsifier and related chemicals.