Below is the list of our main products which are on routine production line:

1- Low viscosity pregel starch (Potato based) for temperature upto 250' F and 150 PCF (pound per cubic foot) with excellent fluid loss control.

2- Modified starch: low viscosity high temperature pregel starch( 250' F) based on tapioca starch suitable for high density muds up to 150-160 PCF. and excellent fluid loss control.

3- Medium viscosity pregel starch (Wheat based) suitable for temperature of 200' F and mud weight of 130 PCF.

4- High viscosity modified starch (wheat based) can be employed up to 250' F and 130 PCF mud weight.

5- Primary and Secondary Emulsifier with high electrical stability and good yield point.

6- Powdered Oil Based Emulsifier which can replace Primary and Secondary Emulsifier/ Lime/ Fluid Loss Controller and Viscosifier.

7- Fluid Loss controller based on Oxidized Bitumen.

8- Drilling Mud Emulsifier(Oil/ Water Emulsifier) in liquid and powdered form.

9- Foaming Agent as drilling foam with high foaming volume and stability.

10- Water Based Defoamer (Silicon Based).

11- Drilling Lubricant (Pipe Lax).

12- Oil soluble and water soluble Corrosion Inhibitor.

13- Modified Natural Gum exhibiting high yield point at high temperature (250' F) with moderate fluid loss control.

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Pirooz Vegetable Adhesive Co., (PVAC) was established 11 years ago with the aim of producing drilling mud additives mainly for expanding market of Iranian oil Industry.

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